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From Humble beginnings in Ireland…

The founder of Celtic Seasons, Eileen Chlebana, was born in Carrickmaross, County Monaghan.

Eileen immigrated to the USA in 1958 along with her parents and four siblings.

Eileen’s parents, James and Eileen Boyle made the difficult decision to immigrate to the United States with their 5 Children. The Irish economy was in a terrible way and her Aunt offered to sponsor the family to come to Alma, Michigan.

Carrickmacross was Eileen’s fathers home county, her mother was from the village of Louth in Louth County. Eileen’s Grandparents received medals from the Irish government for their active roles for the fight for independence.

Old Photo of Eileens Family.png

Eileen pictured in the front center.

Eileen said “This picture was taken in March of 1958, the only thing I remember about landing in the US is throwing up all over my new coat, my brother got his foot stuck in the toilet in the bathroom and my other brother almost choked on a lifesaver!!”

Old Celtic Seasons Sign.png

The founding of Celtic Seasons…..

Eileen was inspired to open her shop when her daughter Molly began competing at Feis (Irish dance competitions) and performing at local festivals.

“After attending the first ever Muskegon Irish festival I knew the time had come to integrate my Irish Heritage with the retail world.”

Transition to a new generation…


In 2009 Deirdre moved from Ireland to Kalamazoo Michigan to marry Adam! They met in Ireland when Adam was traveling with family.

Deirdre met Eileen at the Irish American Club of Kalamazoo. They were fast friends and Deirdre worked at Celtic Seasons at various times over the years.

Eileen decided to retire in 2023 so Deirdre made the easy decision to continue on the business that Eileen spent 24 years successfully building. Eileen has created a family and a following for Celtic Seasons, all without any online presence. Eileen’s vivacious personality is unforgettable and it shows by the amount of people that seek out Celtic Seasons at festivals and fun events around the Midwest.

We look forward to growing Celtic Seasons and adding an online presence, that way we are here when you need a 'Gift for the Celtic Spirit', to come on a Tour to Ireland or to simply keep in touch.

New Celtic Seasons.png
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